Zicam Gentle Allergy Relief Nasal Swabs, 15 ct.



The Only Allergy Relief Nasal Swab

With Cooling Menthol

Effective Non-Drowsy Relief of:

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Itchy, Runny Nose
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Sneezing

No Known Allergy Drug Interactions



This product is not required to go through the FDA's New Drug Application approval Process

Adults & Children 12 Years of Age & Older:

  1. Open tube
  2. Hold tube between the thumb and forefinger at the blue band
  3. With other hand, hold at base, snap open the tube
  4. Pull out swab
  5. Apply medication just just inside first nostril. Remove swab and press lightly on the outside of the first nostril for about 5 seconds. Re-dip swab in tube. Apply medication to second nostril for about 5 seconds. Do not insert swab more than 1/4" past nasal opening.
  6. Discard swab after use
  7. Wait at least 30 seconds before blowing nose
  8. Use 1 tube every 4 hours

Optimal results may not be seen for 1 - 2 weeks. After 1 - 2 weeks, you may need to use only 1 - 2 times daily. For best results, use up to 1 week before contact with known causes of your allergies

Children Under 12 Years of Age: ask a doctor

Other Information:

Store at room temperature 15 - 29ÔøΩÔøΩC (59 - 84ÔøΩÔøΩF)

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