XLEAR Xylitol Sinus Care Spray, 1.5 oz


XLEAR Xylitol Nasal Wash1.5 oz Liquid Product Bacteria and germs are all around us. They live on the surfaces that we touch and in the air that we breathe. With germs and bacteria all around us how do we prevent them from entering our bodies The Center for Disease Control has stated that Hand washing is the most effective way of reducing communicable disease. We wash our hands to clean them and we are also cautioned to keep our hands away from our mouth and nose but more than ninety percent of infection causing bacteria enter the body through the nose and thrive in the nasal passages. How do we keep our nasal passages clean and free of harmful germs USE XLEAR NASAL WASH Xylitol is one of bacterias natural enemies. When certain harmful bacteria enter the body they attach to the membranes of the nose and throat. Xlear Nasal Wash merely flushes harmful bacteria away.