Sal De Uvas Picot

  • Sal de Uvas Picot is like a lifesaver when we have overindulged in food or drink. It helps with a quick relief to heartburn symptoms.
  • Picot Antacid gives fast relief against indigestion. The ingredients in our product are highly alkaline and, they are excellent neutralizers for stomach acid excess.
  • Sal de Uvas Picot, an effervescent powder, dissolves very fast in the water. It helps adjust stomach pH and provides you with efficient and fast relief, reducing the stomach's heaviness.
  • Our formula is based on sodium bicarbonate and citric acid; both are antacids. These make Picot a helpful product for fast relief against acidity, reflux, and upset stomach.
  • Our product, Sal de Uvas Picot, comes in convenient, small, easy-to-carry sachets, so you can always have it on hand.