Rolaids Antacid Calcium & Magnesium Supplement Ultra Strength Tablets, Fruit 72 each


For Powerful, Fast Heartburn Relief. There's never a good time to have heartburn, but when you're having good fun and good food with family and friends, heartburn's gotta go - fast. Wherever life takes you next, bring ROLAIDSÔøΩÔøΩ Extra Strength Tablets for fast, powerful relief from heartburn symptoms.Active Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate (USP 675 mg, Antacid), Magnesium Hydroxide (USP 135 mg, Antacid) Inactive Ingredients: Blue 1 Lake, Dextrose, Flavors, Magnesium Stearate, Red 40 Lake, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Sucralose, Sucrose, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6 LakeChew 2-4 tablets as symptoms occur, or as directed by a doctor.Other information

  • Each tablet contains: calcium 270 mg, magnesium 55 mg
  • Contains FD&C Yellow 5 (Tartrazine) as a color additive
  • As a daily source of calcium and magnesium, chew 2 tablets twice daily.Relieves:

  • Heartburn
  • Sour Stomach
  • Acid Indigestion