Osteo Bi-Flex One Per Day Glucosamine 60 Ct

  • JOINT HEALTH SUPPORT: Osteo Bi-Flex One Per Day coated tablets provide Joint Shield, Glucosamine, to help you support your joint health and and Vitamin D for joint and immune system support.*
  • STAY ACTIVE: It's a lot easier to be active when you've got joint comfort on your side.* Osteo Bi-Flex One Per Day tablets are the most convenient way to comfort overworked joints and nourish your cartilage‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©_giving you the confidence to take on anything.*
  • QUALITY AND INNOVATION: At Osteo Bi-flex, we've been responsible for helping to lead the way in joint care supplements.*(1) Backed by years of commitment from scientists, researchers, technicians and associates our goal is to bring you the best product.
  • SUPPORTING AND MAINTAINING JOINT HEALTH is key to easily enjoying an active lifestyle while we age.*(1) Osteo Bi-Flex is manufactured under the highest standards for product quality, purity and potency. Osteo Bi-Flex One Per Day tablets contain shellfish.