MigreLief Original Formula Dietary Supplement Caplets 60 Caplets


Where Nature & Medicine Unite, Purpose - Migraine prevention and relief. Manufacturer Akeso Health Active Ingredients Per 2 Caplets: Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) 400 mg; Magnesium (Citrate and Oxide) 360 mg; Puracol Feverfew (whole leaf and extract)** 100 mg; Dextrates; Cellulose; Sodium Starch Glycolate; Stearic Acid; Silicon Dioxide; Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose; Caramel; Caramine; Titanium Dioxide ** Puracol is a proprietary combination of whole leaf feverfew that his high in naturally occurring phytochemicals and a unique feverfew extract high in parthenolides. Directions As a dietary supplement, take 1 caplet twice a day, preferably with a meal. Like multivitamin, MigreLief must be taken daily. To determine if MigreLief works for you, please use it for 3 consecutive months. If you experience the benefits you desire, then continue to use MigreLief on a daily basis. Uses MigreLief triple therapy with Puracol is a new, dietary supplement that is being recommended by top doctors for migraine prevention and relief. Now this product, used by thousands of people, is available at many drugstores and pharmacies worldwide. Does not contain yeast, milk, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, salt, artificial flavorings or preservatives. Warnings This product is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation or for children under two years of age.