It Stays! Roll-On Body Adhesive 2 oz


For men or women. Medical: Excellent for holding support and surgical stockings, anti-embolism stockings and orthopedic supports seccurely in place. Athletics: Knee and shin pads are held in place, elbow and turf pads won't slip and It Stays even helps prevent socks from riding down. Theater: Replace tape when needing to hold wigs, beards or mustaches in place. Toupees, costumes and fashion jewelry are secured in place until you decide to remove them. Fashion: Choose how much or how little you want to reveal. Effortlessly holds strapless bras or open fronted dresses in place. A must for use with bridal gowns or tuxedos, but flexible enough that It Stays even after that slow dance.In case of emergency, 'It Stays' is registered with POISONDEX. Contact your local Poison Control Center for more information.