GUM Eez-Thru Flossers Mint 90 Each


Healthy gums. Healthy life.FlossersSunstar1. Place flosser between teeth. 2. Curve floss around the side of the tooth; slide floss up and down against the tooth to clean above and below the gumline. Repeat this process for each tooth. 3-STEP SYSTEM TO HEALTHIER GUMS: Step 1: BRUSH: Brushing alone is not enough because it only removes up to 50% of plaque. STEP 2: FLOSS: Brushing AND flossing only remove up to 70% of plaque. STEP 3: CUSTOM CARE: For optimal gum health: brush, floss AND consult your dental professional to customize your oral care routine.Uses:Floss engineered not to shred, break or sag. Comfort grip handle has a thumb pad and non-slip surface for better control. Angled neck allows for easy access to back teeth. Pick gently cleans between teeth and massages gums. Recommended by dental professionals.