Feosol Complete with patented Bifera Iron, 30 Count

  • Feosol is the #1 recommended iron supplement by pharmacists and trusted by doctors for decades. Feosol Complete with Bifera is a patented formula that contains two forms of iron: heme and non-heme.Heme iron is animal-based, like the iron in steak. Non-heme iron includes plant-derived iron, like the kind you find in spinach.Feosol - the number one pharmacist recommended iron supplement brand.
  • Feosol Complete minimizes side-effects and enhances absorption. The presence of a heme-based iron enhances iron absorption, while our unique combination of iron minimizes side- effects such as constipation and nausea ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© delivering the best of both worlds. Unlike other iron supplements, you can take Feosol Complete with Bifera anytime, with our without meals.
  • Feosol Complete with Bifera contains both heme and non-heme forms of iron.
  • Take any time. With our without meals.
  • Formulated to minimize side-effects