Culturelle Probiotic Digestive Health 30 Capsules

Helps you feel good.Dietary Supplementi-Health, Inc.Active Ingredients:1 Capsule: Lactobacillus GG 10 Billion Cells; Inulin (Chicory Root Extract) 245 mcg; GelatinFor digestive discomfort: Take one (1) capsule per day until discomfort subsides, or as directed by a medical professional. When traveling: Take one (1) capsule twice daily throughout the trip. Best results if started two to three days prior to traveling. Infants and Children: Take one (1) capsule daily. Capsule may be opened and mixed into cool drink or food. Do not add to warm or hot foods or beverages. Consult your medical professional for more information.Uses:When the natural balance of good and bad bacteria in your intestinal tract is disturbed, your digestive health is open to a host of potential concerns. CulturelleÔøΩÔøΩ, containing probiotic Lactobacillus GG, the most studied probiotic, and Inulin, a prebiotic, naturally replaces the bad bacteria, returning healthy balance to your intestinal tract, leaving your digestive system healthier and better protected*. Taking CulturelleÔøΩÔøΩ at the onset of digestive discomfort will help: Reduce uncomfortable gas and bloating*. Prevent and shorten the duration of occasional diarrhea*. Promote regularity*. Take CulturelleÔøΩÔøΩ preventively: To help minimize travel associated stomach and digestive issues*. To prevent occasional digestive upset*. When taking antibiotics*. When taken daily, CulturelleÔøΩÔøΩ will go beyond improving your digestive system to actually improve your immune system. All natural dietary supplement. Dairy free. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.