Clear Care Cleaner And Disinfectant Solution For Contact Lens - 12 Oz


Convenient and effective. Active Ingredients: Micro-Filtered Hydrogen Peroxide 3%; Sodium Chloride 0.79%; Stabilized With Phosphonic Acid; a Phosphate Buffered System; Pluronic 17R4 (A Cleaning Agent) Uses: Cleans, disinfects, removes protein for all soft and RGP lenses. Clear Care bubbles to actively clean, disinfect and remove protein from lenses without the harsh chemicals and added preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions. Clear Care is clinically proven #1 in comfort. In a major clinical study, 8 out of 10 lens wearers preferred Clear Care to their current multi-purpose solution. They experienced less dryness and irritation and were able to wear their lenses longer. Increased comfort, increased wearing time, less dryness, less irritation and redness.