AZO Cranberry Gummies Urinary Tract Health, Mixed Berry 40 each

Azo Cranberry Gummies Mixed Berry provides super concentrated cranberry to support urinary tract health. Don't like the taste of cranberry juice? Get the benefits of 1 glass of cranberry in just 2 mixed-berry flavored gummies to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Take Azo Cranberry Gummies as part of your daily routine and get the power of cranberry in a flavor you'll love. Made with clinically proven Pancran, a super-concentrated, whole fruit cranberry powder, Azo Cranberry Gummies in a mixed-berry flavor helps flush to maintain urinary tract cleanliness. Studies have shown that cranberries can help prevent bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall and help maintain urinary tract cleanliness.
  • Mixed Berry Flavor
  • Naturally Flavored Gummies
  • Just 2 Gummies = 1 Glass of Cranberry Juice
  • #1 Most Trusted Brand