Acu-Life True Easy Syringe 1 each


Purpose Syringe Manufacturer Health Enter Directions 1. Plush plunger down. Set the dose to 2 tsp by turning the color coded cap to align dose with the arrow on orange collar. 2. Insert tip into medication and slowly draw plunger back until it stops and with the tip still submerged in medication, push plunger completely down to help reduce air bubbles. Keeping the tip submerged in medication, turn the color coded cap to select your desired dose (align dose with arrow on orange collar) and gently pull plunger back until it stops. 3. Check dose against black calibrations on syringe to ensure your correct dose was selected. If the dose is not accurate, stop and repeat steps 1 and 2. 4. Place the tip past the lips and teeth and slowly press plunger down to completely administer dose. 5. Clean thoroughly before 1st use and between uses. Cleaning: Disassemble syringe by pushing plunger down and then turning orange collar counter-clockwise. Wash in warm soapy and use a cleaning brush to remove any residue. After components dry, place collar on syringe and turn clockwise to tighten. Do not overtighten. Uses Accuracy with color coded cap. Control flow with extra-large plunger. Easy to hold and dose.